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Ihr exquisites persönliches Wellness

Natural Cosmetics ...for a bright & radiant look!

Intensive Beauty Vitamin Treatment

A special pampering ritual for demanding, mature facial skin! You will see and feel the effects of this anti-ageing treatment immediately. Strengthening, firming, plumping and regenerating!

Cleansing Peeling Power vitamin cocktail Gentle massage Mineral gel mask Finishing touches

70-80 min. with vitamin ampoules €63

Aloe Vera Power The Freshness Boost

Valuable enzymes, minerals and vitamins serve to deeply nourish your skin and free it from toxins and deposits. A vitalizing and refreshing experience for dull and tired skin!

Aloe cleansing Peeling Aloe freshness mask Mineral enzyme treatment Finishing touches

70-80 min. with ampoules €63

Short & Sweet

Eyebrow shaping Cleansing Peeling Relaxing massage or soothing mask

60 min. with ampoules €52

Anti-ageing Special Care Treatment With pneumatic pulsation therapy

An exclusive treatment to reduce wrinkles caused by facial movement – recommended for facial lymphatic congestion and stressed skin. You can see and feel the skin-tightening effects immediately!

Cleansing Peeling Algae collagen concentrate Pneumatic pulsation massage Mineral algae modelage Algae royal jelly cream

90 min. €95

Herbal Stamp CosmeticsRelaxation treatment for new energy

Enjoy an extraordinary combination of fragrance, warmth and herbs. A pampering treatment perfectly attuned to sensitive facial skin. Tightening, regenerating, cell renewing!

Complete cosmetic treatment Herbal stamp massage for the face, neck and décolletage Moisturising mask Eye mask Finishing touches

90 min. with ampoules €89

La Stone Regenerating Treatment

For deep relaxation of facial nerves and muscles … a fountain of youth!

Deep cleansing Basic facial treatment Special warm lava stone massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage Moisturising mask Finishing touches

90 min. with ampoules €77

Clear Face Acne Treatment

Cleansing treatment for young people up to the age of 17

30 min. €20


Manicure incl. hand soak and soothing treatment, 30 min. €22.00
Wellness manicure with hand soak, crystal salt oil peeling or paraffin pack, 45 min. €30.00
Manicure and Pedicure Add-ons
Paraffin pack
Nail polish
French nails


Foot care treatment incl. foot bath
33-45 min.
Wellness foot care treatment incl. foot bath, crystal salt oil peeling or paraffin pack
50-60 min.

For your eyes only!

Eyebrow shaping €7.00
Eyebrow coloring €7.50
Eyelashes coloring €10.50

Gentle waxing

Upper lip €7.90
Cheeks or chin €7.90
Underarm €15.00
Bikini area €17.00
Lower legs up to knee €27.00
Full legs €45.00

Rhythmic Walking

Rhythmic Walking is a dynamic full-body exercise to help you find your own body rhythm while breathing in a balanced way. Rhythmic Walking is the ideal everyday workout and a healthy alternative to jogging.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 9AM! Please contact us for prices and details.


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