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Slim, Fit and Beautiful

Slimming Massage

Slimming MassageReduce body girth through our slimming massage. Intense relaxation of deep tissue layers helps to mitigate cellulite, mobilizing and eliminating toxins in the tissue. Recommended to be followed by alkaline wrap or Aegyptos wrap.

Duration: 60 min. €87
Duration: 90 min. €125

“Aegyptos” – the Vitality Wrap

The finest healing earth, Dead Sea salt and natural minerals soothe and protect the skin and help to improve cellulite, stretch marks and scars. Thanks to the special wrapping technique, the skin in problem zones tightens between 1 and 3 cm during the first session. Refines your body silhouette.

Duration: 90 min. incl. rest period
Full body wrap
Partial wrap (legs up to waist) €89

Thalasso Therapy

The ocean’s healing power for your well-being!
A natural algae and minerals base with plant extracts provides the skin with valuable minerals such as iodine, magnesium and iron. Serves to detoxify your tissue, makes your skin supple and firm.

Algae salt full body oil massage
Duration incl. “soak-in”: 60 min.
NEW: Algae salt foot peeling
with pack and foot bath
Duration: 30 min.

Alkaline Peeling

Full body peeling using alkaline minerals and deacidifying olive oil

Pampering time: 30 min. €37

Alkaline Wrap

The strongly alkaline minerals and the wrapping technique help to
deacidify and tighten your connective tissue.

Pampering time: 60 min. €45

“Crystal”Fit Skin Peeling Massage

A pampering and soothing experience with macadamia nut oil!

Pampering time: 45 min. €55

“Ocean Foam”Curd Soap Brushing Massage

An alkaline full body massage to deacidify, drain and strengthen the connective tissue. Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.

Duration incl. “soak-in”: 60 min. €65


Healing by Fasting – Without Going Hungry & Slim and Fit

You would like to do more for your body and health?
Our slimming massages with pneumatic pulsation therapy, our slimming wraps, algae treatments etc. are highly effective and produce visible results after your first session – that is our criteria!
But for a “complete approach”, we recommend you combine your treatments with our course “Healing by Fasting According to the Laws of Nature – Without Going Hungry”. You will not only shed weight and detoxify from the inside, you will change your diet in a gentle way and your health will benefit too!
We have put together a range of “slimming packages” for you to choose from – for optimum results!

Rhythmic Walking

Rhythmic Walking is a dynamic full-body exercise to help you find your own body rhythm while breathing in a balanced way. Rhythmic Walking is the ideal everyday workout and a healthy alternative to jogging.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 9AM! Please contact us for prices and details.


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